Mr Punch’s mantra of good food, better company is celebrated in a communal dining concept, reminiscent of the camaraderie among the Punch & Judy entourage.

The sharing menu serves up a modern European selection, broken down into different chapters. SHARING PRE-MAINS opens with instant classics like the 4 Act Sliders, with its succulent Angus beef and homemade onion marmalade. The next chapter, MAIN, serves up a lip-smacking Lobster Brioche, a Mentaiko-tossed lobster served on thick brioche. The Grand Marnier flamberge ties the sweet lobster to the mouthwatering gruyere cheese, making for an indulgent plate. SHARING MAINS like the US Prime Steak, accompanied with two sides, is perfect for groups to bond over.
Round off your night on a sweet note with DESSERTS, a chapter featuring creatively re-constructed classics. Don’t leave without trying our signature, the Flaming Tiramisu, which features fiery Sambuca drizzled over frozen mascarpone and coffee-soaked savoiardi.

If you are here on the weekends, don’t miss out on our BRUNCH AT PUNCH, a curated series of delights from Mr Punch’s own guilty pleasures. Think savoury Nutella-peanut butter brioche topped with vanilla ice-cream, deliciously rounded off with nostalgia-inspired rice-krispies banana balls.