About Punch

One of the most likeable rogues in history, Mr Punch regularly stirs up mischief yet manages to wiggle his way out and into our hearts.

Simple, delicious food

The original rebel goes against the grain in his menu, ditching the increasingly extravagant cooking styles for a direct approach. Simply put, as long as it is delicious, it is on his menu.

Good food, better company

Used to being around large crowds, Mr Punch hates to be lonely. His sharing options makes sure you enjoy the dining experience with your gang.

About Judy

Mr Punch’s wife, who is often on the receiving end of Mr Punch’s mischief. That being said, she still loves Mr Punch dearly, and they even have a baby together.

Warm & personal service

Her motherly instincts also mean that she never allows a guest to leave hungry. Expect attentive and personal service, as she hustles and bustles to make sure you have the best night of your life. Comfort is at the forefront, with her promise to make everyone feel at home.

About Toby

Better known as Mr Punch’s dog, this mutt is a common sight beside Punch and Judy’s booth, in red and white ruff, faithful till the end of the show.


Playful and mischievous, as his owner is, Toby is the perfect playmate for a night out in town. His Modern Vintage Cocktails spices up classic cocktails with current innovations. For those feeling exceptionally thirsty, don’t miss out on his Punch Jars, each specially concocted to remember his best friends

Punch & Judy